US Online Sunday Briefing: Daniel “centrfieldr” Lupo Wins $50,715

Online poker has never been busier with many live poker rooms shutting down in the United States due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Players can play regulated online poker in four states including Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania provided they are within state borders and at least 21 years of age.

WSOP.Com began its inaugural Online Super Circuit in fine fashion over the weekend with Matt “RubberFist” Stout winning his fourth career ring in Event #2 along with the $43,286 top prize.

However, Stout wasn’t the biggest winner of the weekend. This honor belonged to Daniel “centrfieldr” Lupo who shipping the WSOP.Com $100,000 GTD Sunday for $50,715.

Lupo is a well-known online beast in the Garden State with more than $3.2 million in online cashes as tracked by PocketFives where he is ranked in second place in the United States and in 101st place in the world.

Lupo and Stout were just some of the big winners in the United States over the weekend.

Read on for a full look at the Sunday results for tournaments with at least a $25,000 guarantee from partypoker NJ, BorgataPoker.Com, PlayMGM, WSOP.Com NJ, WSOP.Com Nevada, 888poker NJ, PokerStars NJ, PokerStars PA, and the three 888poker clients in Delaware.Date March 15 Buy-in $215 Guarantee $35,000 Entrants 227 Prize pool $45,400 ITM 36

The BorgataPoker.Com/partypoker/PlayMGM Sunday $35K GTD smashed it’s $35,000 guarantee after attracting 143 entrants and 84 reentries to create a $45,400. A total of 36 players cashed in this event for at least a min-cash of $281.

After more than 8 1/2 hours of play, two well-known Garden State grinders agreed to a heads-up deal with Brian “TopCreature” Sherrier officially winning the event for $7,562 and Daniel “leinad” Buzgon collecting almost as much with a haul of $7,497.

Sherrier has amassed more than $700,000 in online tournament results according to PocketFives, almost all of which were on regulated American networks. He is currently ranked in eighth place in the United States and in 198th place in the world.

Buzgon is perhaps a more household name with nearly $3.5 million in online tournament cashes, of which more than half came before Black Friday on worldwide sites. He is ranked one spot ahead of Sherrier in the United States Rankings in seventh place and is in 158th place in the Worldwide Rankings.

Other notable players to reach the final table were Brian “pure_reason” Wood (fifth – $3,632), Brady “NoRecourse” Osterman (eighth – $1,678), and Stephanie “stephhub0331” Hubbard (ninth place – $1,226).

partypoker NJ will be hosting the PartyPoker US Network $250K GTD NLH on Sunday, March 29 where you can win a share of at least $250,000 guaranteed for a $320 buy-in.

Download partypoker NJ through PokerNews to get your hands on a fantastic bonus and to qualify into this fantastic event in freerolls or satellites and feeder tournaments starting at just $0.25!Place Player Prize 1 Brian “TopCreature” Sherrier $7,562* 2 Daniel “leinad” Buzgon $7,497* 3 flabbergast $4,313 4 stufeiner2022 $3,632 5 Brian “pure_reason” Wood $3,042 6 supremetny $2,588 7 Fresh333 $2,134 8 Brady “NoRecourse” Osterman $1,678 9 Stephanie “stephhub0331” Hubbard $1,226

*Reflects heads-up deal.

Brian Sherrier

Brian “TopCreature” Sherrier finishes in first place for $7,562. PokerStars NJ Sunday Special – $35,000 Gtd – Guarantee Boost! Date March 15 Buy-in $200 Guarantee $35,000 Entries 216 Prize pool $40,176 ITM 27

The PokerStars NJ Sunday Special was infused with a guarantee boost on Sunday with its usual $25,000 guarantee increased by 40 percent to a $35,000 guarantee.

The event was a huge success with 216 entrants (137 entries and 79 reentries) generating a healthy $40,176 prize pool. A total of 27 players cashed for at least $402 for more than double the $200 buy-in.

After more than 6 1/2 hours of play, “supremetny” shipped the event for $8,637. Joining this player on the podium were Ramon “nuttedd” Liriano Jr (second – $6,227) and Jonathan Borenstein (third – $4,721).

Borenstein, who has amassed more than $1.4 million in online tournament cashes, was the highest-ranked player to cash in the event and resides in third place in the United States Rankings and in 122nd place in the Worldwide Rankings.

Meanwhile, Stephanie “pharmaDoogie” Hubbard got her second mention in this report with another ninth-place finish worth $804. Joining her on the final table were Yong “iFoldN0T” Kwon (sixth – $2,009) and David “dak1616” Kotler (seventh – $1,607).Place Player Prize 1 supremetny $8,637 2 Ramon “nuttedd” Liriano Jr $6,227 3 Jonathan “toddchipman” Borenstein $4,721 4 acooper153 $3,515 5 mahoney3 $2,411 6 Yong “iFoldN0T” Kwon $2,009 7 David “dak1616” Kotler $1,607 8 themedic07 $1,205 9 Stephanie “pharmaDoogie” Hubbard $804 

Jon Borenstein

Jonathan “toddchipman” Borenstein takes third place for $4,721. PokerStars PA Sunday Special – $50,000 Gtd – Guarantee Boost! Date March 15 Buy-in $100 Guarantee $50,000 Entries 830 Prize pool $76,194 ITM 143

The PokerStars PA Sunday Special was another success story for players in Pennsylvania. Last Sunday, the guarantee was boosted from its normal $40,000 to $50,000 but these figures were merely a placeholder.

A total of 830 entrants (534 entries + 296 reentries) ponied up the $100 to generate a sizeable $76,194 prize pool with 143 players each guaranteed at least a min-cash of $180.

After more than 8 1/2 hours of play, “SleazyAmishGirl” won the event to bank a five-figure haul of $12,724. Just on their tail were “LiveMonster179” (second – $9,148) and “Mr Loat” (third – $6,578).Place Player Prize 1 SleazyAmishGirl $12,724 2 LiveMonster179 $9,148 3 Mr Loat $6,578 4 DCG1945 $4,729 5 Brac9690 $3,401 6 WHATWHYNO $2,445 7 ArdentCensor $1,758 8 AD2021 $1,264 9 Skrovicake66 $909 Date March 24 Buy-in $320 Guarantee $50,000 Entries 941 Prize pool $188,200 ITM 150

The WSOP Circuit lives on despite upcoming events being postponed and canceled. In response, the festival moved online for the first time in tour history with WSOP.Com hosting the Online Super Circuit Series in both New Jersey and Nevada.

Response to the move online has been huge. Sunday’s WSOP.Com Super Circuit Series Event #2 – $50,000 NLHE Monster Stack attracted 720 entries and 221 reentries to generate a massive $188,200 for more than triple the $50,000 guarantee.

After nearly 9 1/2 hours of play, Matt “RubberFist” Stout shipped the event for $43,286 to impressively claim his fourth career WSOP gold ring.

Others notching five-figure cashes in this event included Thomas “tdkaces” Kornechuk (second – $22,866), James “Meatsweats” Carroll (third – $15,056), and Adam “leroycash” Vogl.

READ MORE: Recap of Matt “RubberFist” Stout winning the WSOP.Com Super Circuit Event #2.Place Player Prize 1 Matt “RubberFist” Stout $43,286 2 Thomas “tdkaces” Kornechuk $22,866 3 James “Meatsweats” Carroll $15,056 4 Adam “leroycash” Vogl $11,292 5 David “zuleh” Bagheri $9,410 6 Matthew “gailums” Gailums $7,528 7 Bryant “gotchasuckka” Bustamante $5,457 8 Patrick “PatFromEh” Dimartino $3,387 9 Daniel “pepperprince” Zack $2,446 

Matt Stout

Matt Stout wins the WSOP.Com Super Circuit Series Event #2. Date March 15 Buy-in $320 Guarantee $100,000 Entries 690 Prize pool $207,000 ITM 75

The WSOP.Com $100,000 GTD Sunday almost always produces the largest prize pool of the weekend at American regulated online poker networks and last Sunday was no different.

The $100,000 was absolutely smashed with 429 entries and 261 reentries generating a massive $207,000 prize pool for more than double the $100,000 guarantee. A total of 75 players secured at least a min-cash worth $662.

Daniel “centrfieldr” Lupo shipped the tournament for $50,715 after nearly 8 1/2 hours of play.

Other notable players at the final table included Brandon “sheatheodore” Meyers (third – $17,388), Joseph “JingboSlice” Cappuccio (fifth – $11,178), James “BagelBud” Lillis (sixth – $9,108), Dan “tdu2death Healey (seventh – $6,831), Dan “chard” Martin (eighth – $4,554), and Frank “randomrags24” Molinari (ninth – $3,002).Place Player Prize 1 Daniel “centrfieldr” Lupo $50,715 2 Stickyicky28 $28,463 3 Brandon “sheatheodore” Meyers $17,388 4 William “swaggyb” $13,248 5 Joseph “JingboSlice” Cappuccio $11,178 6 James “BagelBud” Lillis $9,108 7 Dan “tdu2death” Healey $6,831 8 Dan “chard” Martin $4,554 9 Frank “randomrags24” Molinari $3,002 Date March 15 Buy-in $55 Guarantee $50,000 Entries 573 Prize pool $87,000 ITM 100

The WSOP.Com $50,000 GTD March Mayhem is a special tournament running every Sunday until April 7 where the winner will go home not only with a huge cash prize but also an added seat to the WSOP Big 50. Every player that participates in at least two of these events will also be entered into a freeroll where five Big 50 seats will be awarded.

The tournament surpassed its $50,000 after 573 entrants, plus 920 rebuys and 247 add-ons generated an $87,000 prize pool. A total of 100 players cashed for a minimum of $183.

After more than seven hours of play, “ace710” won the event for $20,880 plus an added Big 50 seat.

Bryan “Pellepelle” Piccioli, also collected a five-figure payout of $11,049, while Jason “LuckDuck” Lawhun finished one spot behind in third place for $7,220.

Meanwhile, Jonathan “jetsfan14” Borenstein earned his second mention this report with a fourth-place finish worth $5,481 and Ryan “Hagzzz021” Hagerty (seventh – $2,784) and Daniel “stdandzooted” Cooper (eighth.- $1,827) were among the early exits at the final table.Place Player Prize 1 ace710 $20,880 2 Bryan “Pellepelle” Piccioli $11,049 3 Jason “LuckDuck” Lawhun $7,221 4 Jonathan ” jetsfan14″ Borenstein $5,481 5 8Bracelets $4,611 6 LysAlana $3,741 7 Ryan “Hagzzz021” Hagerty $2,784 8 Daniel “stdandzooted” Cooper $1,827 9 KDtheGOAT35 $1,218 Date March 15 Buy-in $500 Guarantee $30,000 Entries 141 Prize pool $65,847 ITM 30

The WSOP.Com $30,000 Weekly Sunday Deepstack surpassed its $15,000 guarantee with 193 entrants, plus 141 rebuys and 141 add-ons to generate a $21,913 prize pool. A total of 30 players cashed for a minimum of $197.

Brian “Bmack1335” McKinney won the event for $18,766 with Frank “thewholefunk” Funaro (second – $10,865) collecting the only other five-figure prize.

SAlso at the final table were Danny “ganswer” Smith, Michael “leftsid3” Haberman Jr (fourth – $5,268), and Yong “LuckySpewy1” Kwon (eighth – $2,239).Place Player Prize 1 Brian “Bmack1335” McKinney $18,766 2 Frank “thewholefunk” Funaro $10,865 3 Danny “ganswer” Smith $6,585 4 Michael “leftsid3” Haberman Jr $5,268 5 snowflake777 $4,543 6 OtB_RedBaron $3,885 7 dusty4 $3,227 8 Yong “LuckySpewy1” Kwon $2,239 9 nyjets23 $1,778 

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Brian McKinney

Brian McKinney wins for $18,766.